Alright, we’ve gotten #1 out of the way.  People who don’t want kids, yet have them, though, still bug the shit out of me.  Gone, but not forgotten assholes.

On to another fave of mine.  Barney Bluetooth.  You know this fella?  Here’s an example of this D.A.L. (Douchebag at Large) wearing one while interviewing on the History Channel.

Idiot wearing a bluetooth headset whilst being interviewed on the History Channel

History Channel Hillbilly

Must’ve been a really important call he was expecting right?  Wrong, he has no friends save his dog and his truck.  Why?  He alienates people within reach by wearing that stupid fucking thing outside of it’s purpose.

I think the thing that pisses me off the most about this is that bluetooth headsets serve a noble purpose.  They are designed to be worn whilst driving so that you have handsfree communication and can accept incoming or make outgoing phone calls.  They are NOT designed so you can look (like what you think is) cool, important or anything else other than what you are.  With so many assholes wearing them improperly out there (in the grocery store yakking on and on about nothing, walking down the fucking street looking like they’re talking to theirselves or at social events where you are supposed to be interacting with humans that are right in front of you), no one is going to be caught dead wearing one.  The bummer about that is that people, then, won’t wear them for their original purpose which is automobile safety.

Here’s another thing Barney Bluetooth, the novelty is gone.  People don’t find it so amazing any longer that you are talking on your phone using something that’s not “wired”.  As a matter of fact, there’s so many fucking people in the world that they really don’t give a shit about what you’re doing at all.  So, free yourself and take that shit off.  Leave it in your car charging until the next time you decide you need another pack of Camels  and some Natural Light up at the “Stop N Go”. Then you can, rightfully, wear your Azul Attention Getter.


(Video Below)