Hey everyone, long time and no see.  I’ve attached my video blog entry here to the piece so I won’t go into it too much as there’s more than enough info. contained in the video.

Fernando Rodney doesn't know how to wear a hat.

This doesn’t say, “I’m awesome!” It says, “I’m a dumbass who thinks he looks cool.”

Here’s a picture of the accused, Fernando Rodney, in action.  Doesn’t he look like a flaming dipshit with his hat like that?  I agree.  Next year, he’ll need helping holding up his pants to get out to the mound…

I don't know what a belt is.

They have a solution boys. It’s called a belt and it’s been out since the Bronze Age.

Look, I love fashion.  I understand there’s stuff out there that I just don’t and won’t get, but some of this shit borders on the absurd.  This cannot possibly be comfortable to walk around in.  You are constantly trying to hold your f’n pants up.  There’s a solution.  It’s called a belt and it just came out about a few thousand years ago.  I don’t want this to be a racial or cultural thing folks.  Yes, I realize when glancing back over this post all you might notice is I have imagery of young African American men here.  That’s because that’s where this lovely tidbit of fashion seems to come from.  Who cares?

Fact is, it’s not part of a culture or any other stupid shit like that.  Wearing your clothing incorrectly just looks fucking stupid…plain and simple.  If you disagree, get someone to help you hold your gigantic pants/shorts up while you come find me as long as you’re not walking into the sunlight with the visor cocked to the side so your eyes aren’t protected…idiot!

Thanks all and enjoy the video…