Yeah, so probably one of the most annoying things out there these days are hackers.  Not all hackers, mind you, but the ones looking just to mess up your day by sending things out under your guise or wiping out data (images, music, videos, documents, etc.) on your device (smartphone, tablet, notebook, etc.).



Yeah, those guys really suck ass!

Now that I think about it, Angelina Jolie kinda hacked Brad Pitt’s life didn’t she?

So, I was hacked earlier this week on my twitter account and I only realized it following a direct message from a tweep of mine @user47.  I quickly retraced it to a direct message I’d gotten from a tweep of mine with a link I was a dumbass enough to click on even on my iPhone.

hacked tweet

Blurred out avatar of tweep and the B.S. link in the tweet that Effs up your twitter account if you follow it.

Well, I changed my password to Twitter immediatamente and changed my Facebook as well (since the faux link takes you to a Facebook addy apparently).  In addition, I changed all my passwords across the board on the Internets so that they are all different.  I don’t know if you heard about the dude who got hacked and they wiped out all of his shit a few weeks ago (you can read about this scary event right here), but I wasn’t up for that poop happening to yours truly.  So, I went across the board and changed it up.

Can’t lie, it was a cool 35 minutes or so of fear.  I do back stuff up at home, but still.  Creepy!

So here’s what bugs the living shit out of me…  Why?  I understand when hackers are trying to get $$$ or something of value, but other than being man-children that never grew out of the “destruction for the sake of destruction” phase of adolescence, what gives?  Why don’t you use that big fuckin’ brain of yours and invent something?  Or, you could be like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, etc. and steal something to make it better.  There’s no purpose to fuck people over like this.  We’re on the same front lines of society as you.  I don’t make a bazillion dollars a year.  I’m not a multi-mega-trillion dollar corporation like Sony.  What the hell?

And, what you tried to do to Mat Honan by wiping his devices with his Apple ID, why?  So you can rid the man of photos of his friends and family?  Fuck you assholes!  You didn’t get any $ out of him and you didn’t get any out of me.  I really don’t understand your purpose you shitbags. This is why I call you “mosquito hackers”. You are little more than mosquitos annoying people.

Transmission Ends…