First off, I’m going to start by saying “WTF???”  Seriously, have you morons even studied up on what it is the Prez is trying to work out in regards to Gun Control laws?

Enough name calling.  I’ll come back around after discussing a few things first…

Here’s a brief layout of what Prez Obama is looking for in regards to tightening up gun laws (along with my feelings in italics):

  • Assault weapons ban (Because you really need that M-16 lookalike to hunt deer right?)
  • Ban on high-capacity magazines (Because you wanna pepper your deer meat with 40 rounds right?)
  • Universal background checks (Because why would we want to make sure people have clear backgrounds before issuing them the right to own hand cannons?)
  • Federal funds for national background checks (Well, this one seems weird, but with all the crap we get for spending federally, it’s brave to have it in there right?)
  • Research on gun violence (Enough research.  People use guns to kill people because they’re being attacked, they’re cowards or they’re deranged.  Nuff said right?)
  • Mental health (You mean looney toons?  Why don’t we just stick with saying people are losers if they seek help?)

Damn that Obama!  What an asshole!  I mean trying to keep morons everywhere from attempting to live like they’re in the military and all.  Seriously though, I don’t get it.  Whenever I try to talk about it with a gun owner (well, merely most of them I guess) I get the whole “you want to take away my rights!” or “Countries kill their own citizens after they take away their right to bear arms!” or even “Hitler took away German citizens’ right to bear arms too!” and plenty of other bullshit of the like.  I even heard some loon on the news this morning saying they will bring up impeachment of Prez Obama for trying to take away the public’s “Right to Bear Arms.”  Cheese and Crackers people.  Settle the fuck down.

So, let me lay out my feelings on this issue so that it’s easy to understand and extremely forthright.

  1. I do not want to take away the right to own guns.  I don’t think our forefathers were thinking about assault rifles with clips holding 20 rounds or more though.  Not necessary to hunt in my opinion.
  2. I do not want to own a gun out of fear that one of my children or a member of my family could die purely by an accident where they are mistaken or if they are playing with it.
  3. I think that mental illness is an ever changing science that needs more research quickly.  In addition, I don’t want mentally ill folks able to buy a gun.  Certainly not assault rifles and/or semi-automatics.
  4. I think parents need to step up when it comes to allowing their children to play highly violent games or watch highly violent shows, etc.  Look people, we all know the stores, manufacturers and theatres aren’t in the business of policing children taking in violent media…so, you had the kids…watch them and be involved in what their lives entail!
Bushmaster Assault Weapon used in Sandy Hook Elementary massacre

Yeah, this gun is for hunting deer, not killing folks. Just ask the parents of Sandy Hook elementary students.

One more thing before I’m done though.  I have a question to all of you gun owners that are so impassioned with your “right to bear arms”…WTF?  Do your guns blow you each night before you go to sleep or some shit?  I mean, I really don’t get it.  I know a grandpa of many that is so fucking upset that “they’re gonna take away my right to bear arms!” that I had to quit Facebook because it’s just uncomfortable.  I’ve tried to talk with other owners too.  Most of them are similar in behavior.  I don’t understand it at all.

I guess a lot of things happen when you get a gun.  Apparently, you’ll soon after die to protect your new metal friend.  Apparently, you forget that beautiful little babies (much like your own and your grandchildren) we’re blasted into piles of wrecked flesh and bone by a maniac with guns just about a month ago.  Why on earth would you hold on so fucking tight to an inanimate object that’s designed to destroy in place of other humans that are innately loving?  Talk about mentally ill, you need help!

Get your minds off of your toys that kill and get your minds into love and health for all humans starting with our amazing country (U.S.A.) and you’ll be on the right path for “being saved”.  God, Jesus and guns have nothing to do with it.

Use your minds!

Peace out all,