Less Sleep Sunday graphic

It’s the DST we all love to hate right?

I know.  I know.  This entry is a cool week late.  I apologize for that.  It’s still pertinent, however, so please enjoy the read.

So, most Americans were like, “What the what?” on Monday morning (3/11/2013) before work.  Even though the time change had happened over 24 hours prior to this, that Monday morning afterwards is when it hurts the most right?  So, I’m going to cover a few things about this whole fiasco know as Daylight Savings Time and then I’m going to whine about it some.  I’m not going to be whining so much about the fact that it exists or the fact that we have to live by this (in some circles agreed upon) antiquated timekeeping methodology.  I’m going to be whining about all of us whining…Hell, I’m even going to solve the problem and make the whole thing easier on the workforce.  It’s just too damn bad that no’one will really be listening/reading.

A little history here first kids.  Daylight Savings Time was introduced into modernity at around 1895 or so by a New Zealander name G.V. Hudson.  DST started being widely adapted worldwide during the 1st World War as a way to conserve energy (primarily coal).  Throughout the next several decades and into the 1970s it was still advised as a great way to save energy by adjustments to lighting and heating schedules.  That’s all fine and good except for one thing…it really doesn’t do much in that respect.  The primary positive point about the whole thing is psychological.  See, when our kids are standing outside in pitch dark waiting for their bus to pick them up, we don’t like that.  Couple in the fact that our television schedules get all racky-jacked up and guess what?  We’re living with DST for the foreseeable future.

Summer map for DST.

Blue = N.Hemisphere summer and Orange = S.Hemisphere summer.

So, what’s the big deal right?  I mean we add an hour to our clocks in the Fall and we take an hour away in the Spring.  We’ve been living with it our whole entire lives right?  Well, unless you’re lucky enough to live right around the equator.

The problem is that we’re all good with an extra hour of sleep in the Fall.  We hate having sleep taken away from us in the Spring.  Funny thing is that we’ve really not had anything taken away from us at all.  We just don’t adjust our schedules accordingly.  We mostly have clocks that autoset themselves for these changes, but I think that almost makes this whole thing more difficult on us.

So, here’s how to get rid of some of the pissing and moaning about this event.  First, let’s start with changing, just a tad, when these events are enacted.  For Springing forward, let’s do this thing on Friday night/Saturday morning @ 2AM to give the workforce another 24 hours to adjust.  What can that hurt really?  I mean, it’s one day more before that Monday morning alarm goes off.  Who’s going to complain about that?  In the Fall, let’s move forward a day and have the time change happen on that Sunday night/Monday morning.  Seriously, who won’t love that extra hour coming in on that final sleep before a new work week?

So, tell me what you guys think.  I don’t think we can rid ourselves of this antiquated time policy at all.  I do, however, believe we can adjust when these events take place within a day or two and relieve a tiny amount of bizzy-nitching.

…and we can definitely use less of that.

Hawkman Out!