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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Yeah, so I call them Lookie-Loos.  I know most call them Rubberneckers.  Fact is, they suck and they end up causing even more injury and death to our society as a whole.  Here are my thoughts…

(BTW, before you do something ridiculous and bitch about my camera running while I drive … First off, welcome to the 21st century. We have fancy sticky things that (much like a GPS) mount your phone to the windshield in front of you. Second, I’m watching the road quite well and only look up a few times for a millisecond or so, much like you’ve done if you’ve ever changed a radio station or looked at a GPS display. Thanks, I just had to quash that dumbassedry before it began.)

While shooting the video here, I thought a little more about it.  I think it runs deeper into our everyday lives.  All the way down into Shark Week (all rights reserved) and our nightly news (where the motto, “If it bleeds, it leads.” is taken to the extreme).  We love to watch folks get hurt and suffer.  Kinda sad really.  I found a good article here in the link immediately below.

A good little clinical explanation as to why we do it.

That’s really all the more I have on it, but it does piss me off royally.  Especially when I leave 20 min early to be somewhere and still end up being late because of 1 wreck and the 3 or 4 caused by lookie-looing.

This is so common, it’s sickening!

Peace out folks!

The Hawkman