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So, here we are.  Enough things finally got to me enough to prompt me to create this.  “Things that bug the living shit out of me!”

We’ve all experienced this right?  This isn’t a way to attack people really so much as their behavior.  I, for one, am tired of a lot of it and something needs to be said.  I know that we are expected to quietly make our way through life only to point and whisper from time to time about the moron wearing the tube top and shorts that are 5 times too small to the local grocery, but I’m not going to do it any more.  Yes, there’s a little site called peopleofwalmart.com that’s similar, but I prefer to be not so much mean or to point at one single person.  I’d rather point at the herd rather than the single cow.

Most of the time I see these as video entries, but there are no rules really.  I would like to see others get involved however.  I know that everybody out there has shit that bothers them.  Whether it be the morons who don’t know how to behave properly at a four-way stop or those in today’s topic “people breeding on a whim and then treating their offspring like crap”, there’s always going to be something to discuss and I would love your input.  While I may police the comments for spam bots and the like, I will be sure to post all relevant information with no censorship at all.  I think we can all agree, especially since it’s my frickin’ idea right?



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